Mr. Slobodkin offers the following services:

Instruments & Bows

Instruments and bows in all price ranges, from student to professional, bought and sold, including hand-made concert-level violins, violas and cellos by Nathan Slobodkin.

Full value trade-up policy.

Mr. Slobodkin’s long experience as a musician as well as an instrument maker enables him to assist less-experienced players and students in choosing instruments appropriate to their needs and to communicate effectively with the advanced student or professional who is searching for specific qualities to enhance their playing style. He can also help musicians find the best bow to match a particular instrument.

Tonal Adjustments

During Mr. Slobodkin’s years of working for Jacques Francais Rare Violins, he had the opportunity to learn tonal adjustment from René Morel, one of the leading experts in the field. By balancing the various aspects of an instrument’s setup, its best qualities can be enhanced and its playing characteristics tailored to the player’s individual needs.

Appraisals & Consignments

Insurance appraisals, and sale of instruments on consignment.

Bow Rehairing

Careful and knowledgeable bow rehairing.

Same-day service available.


Repair and maintenance of instruments and bows purchased from Slobodkin Violins will always be given Mr. Slobodkin’s highest priority. Other repairs will be done as time allows and can usually be scheduled within a reasonable time.

His years in the restoration workshops of Jacques Francais Rare Violins and The Smithsonian Institution instilled in Mr. Slobodkin the deepest respect for the preservation and conservation of the objects placed in his care. All procedures are performed with regard to historically proven methods and conform to the best practices and ethical guidelines of the American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers


Slobodkin Violins’ rental program is both economical and flexible with rates starting as low as $24 per month, up to 12 months rent allowed as a credit towards purchase and a full value trade back offer after purchase. Our rental instruments are high quality, properly adjusted and checked by a trained and experienced instrument technician before every rental. Our goal is to provide a trouble free instrument so that students can concentrate on what really matters – music.

Copies of our policies and rental contract will be provided when you pick up your rental. In addition, we have provided copies in PDF format for your convenience.

Credit Offer and Terms of Insurance  •  Rental Agreement Contract  •  Rental Price List


Slobodin Violins proudly offers a wide selection of accessories from internationally known manufacturers.

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