“Slobodkin’s instrument has allowed me to explore the depths of my musical passions through its rich palate of colors and textures. It is truly a masterful work of craftsmanship.”

~ Charles Colwell, winner Oberlin concerto competition 2013

I have been using my Slobodkin cello for eight years with my string quartet. The richness of bass lays down a huge canvas for the rest of the quartet to play over, and the clarity of treble allows my solos to shine with ease.

~ Andrew Yee, Attacca Quartet

“It is a great instrument! It has everything anyone could ask for.”

~ Noreen Silver, Principal cellist
Bangor Symphony Cello faculty, University of Maine

“From the beginning, he had his own style, and that is not easy.”

~ Jacques Francais, Rare instrument dealer and connoisseur

“I love this violin”

~ Amy Schroeder 1st Violinist of the Atacca Quartet
About her 2012 Slobodkin violin.

“My Slobodkin violin allows me to express what I intend while performing through it’s power, brilliance and warm colors.”

~ Sarah Harrigan, National Youth Symphony of Canada

“I love this cello and can see myself playing it through out my life.”

~ Anna L. Owner of Cello # 49
Made for Reuning and Son, Boston by Nathan Slobodkin 2007

“Thank you for making my dream viola.”

~ Brian Bires, Texas